Commercial Locksmith Services by Best Price Locksmith

Best Price Locksmith offer a wide range of locksmith services that are specifically designed to enhance the overall security as well as the safety of your company, regardless of the type of business or industry that you are in. In case you are not aware, employee thefts account for almost 50% of inventory loss in various companies in the United States, including in the Miami area, and in fact, almost $15 billion worth of revenues are being lost yearly because of theft and robbery. This usually occurs as a result of personnel changes, and never returned keys and lost keys by employees who are no longer connected with the company.

We are here to help you keep your business safe and secure and to lessen employee theft and intrusions in your company by offering specialized commercial locksmith services.

Master Key System

Perhaps, one of the best commercial locksmith services that we can provide is the master key service, a service that will create a key system that will allow a single key to work for all locks within the company building while also providing individual keys for employees who are authorized to access certain premises. We can also create a master key system for commercial property owners, such as apartments, condominiums, etc. This will allow each tenant to have their own individual key to be used in opening the door of their rented space. The property manager will then be given a master key that will give him access to all of the doors within the premises. This also gives each individual tenant utmost protection while still allowing access to the owner of the property or the property manager. Indeed, the master key system is very useful for office buildings, apartment complexes, etc.

Commercial Services that We Offer

We are known for offering highly competitive pricing with a topnotch service for all commercial solutions to the entire Miami, FL area. Our commercial locksmith services include the following:

  • Re-keying all locks within your company premises
  • Installation, repair and replacement of locks
  • Provides key duplication, extraction and master keys
  • Installation of access control card readers and alarm
  • Deploys and maintains high security property key control system for all mechanical locks
  • Installation and maintenance of master key systems
  • Replacement and general maintenance of push and pull paddles
  • Servicing and maintenance of crash bars and exit devices
  • Replacement and control of keys and locks for office desks and cabinets
  • Keyless entry lock systems

Importance of Locksmith Services

As mentioned, employee theft and burglary are very common all over the place, and a lot of companies have been a victim of these. So keep your company and business properties secure by hiring us for your commercial locksmith needs. We will make sure to secure your commercial property and keep your employees safe as well. Whether you operate a small business, or perhaps you own a huge multinational company that has a sprawling area, security should be your utmost priority. So call us now, and we will send over our team of highly trained technicians to assist you with all your commercial security needs.